Monday, August 10, 2020

Summer Enrichment 6: Africa

 I enjoyed all the new things I learned about the regions of Africa for this week's theme. 

Introduction to Africa 

Monday connection video - after the continents song, we'll start our exploration of AFRICA! We look at the biomes on the Africa biome mat (from Waseca Biomes). 

Suggested read-aloud is one of our class' favorite books - "Give up, Gecko" A Ugandan Folktale with a theme of perseverance. 

Here's a beautiful 2 minute video tour of Africa

Do you know how to play Mancala? This game has been around for thousands of years and is easy to learn. You can make your own game from an egg carton!

Southern Africa

Tuesday connection video - Today we visit Southern Africa! We'll start with the continents AND oceans song, make sure we can find Africa on the globe and the oceans around it. What are the biomes are in Southern Africa? Let's see a piece of art, a song ("Siyahamba" - our much loved "We are marching" song we sung when walking to the park for recess), and a preview of today's read aloud (link below). 

Activity - hand trimming grass!

And since we're learning about grasslands... need an activity to keep your child occupied outside for a bit? Invite them to trim the grass with scissors! 

Song: Siyahamba (In Zulu, English, and Spanish)

Song/dance: Bicycle Song (from South Africa) - see if you can learn the dance!

Today's Read-aloud: Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters

 Mufaro's beatiful daughters

A video about Zimbabwe (lots of animals around minute 8, the incredible stone work of the City of Zimbabwe (in the read aloud) around minute 14)

East Africa

Wednesday connection video - In Eastern Africa, let's explore the savannah (the Serengeti) and mountains of Ethiopia - animals that live in each place and a little about the people groups there too. 

Read aloud: "Masai and I

Movement: Let’s move like animals on the savannah - elephant (stomp, trunk), cheetah (fast), lion (tip toe/stalk), gazelle (leap!) - What other ideas do you have?

Cooking with kids: Feeling adventurous? Try making chapati, a Kenyan flat bread (all you need is flour, salt, water, and oil) How-to chapati video

National Geographic Kids has many videos about animals that live in Africa (mostly savannah, a few mountain or forest - Giraffes, Gorillas, Lion, Hippos, Secretary Bird, Cheetah, African Elephants, Big-headed mole rat, black rhino)

Bible story: this week's story is about someone from Ethiopia - watch the video: Philip and the Ethiopian

North Africa 

  • Thursday connection video: We continue our exploration of Africa today with the desert of Northern Africa and a focus on Egypt. 
  • Video (National Geographic Kids)  - Join two kids exploring the Nile river   
  • Video (Lonely Planet Travel Video) - Learn about the Berber people of Moroccan desert
  • Song: "Go down, Moses" - a spiritual sung by Louis Armstrong
  • Today's suggested read-aloud (From East Africa) - Waangari's Trees of Peace: A true story from Africa

West Africa

Friday connection video: We conclude our week of exploring the continent of Africa with West Africa. Do you know all of the continents and oceans now? Interested in exploring more? Here are some follow-up videos: 

West African folk tales: 

Anansi and the Sky Kingdom (animated story)

Why Mosquitoes Buzz in People’s Ears (read aloud) 

Compare the sound of the tabla drum (from Egypt) with the West African djembe 

Find something to use as your own drum and dance and play along with this song

Video: Tropical forest animals

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