Sunday, September 24, 2017

Preparations for Year 3!

We spend most of August preparing for the coming school year:

We remove all the furniture from the room (most of it carefully stacked into our coatroom/closet!) so the floors can be refinished

Then all the shelves get a through scrubbing and touch-up paint, plus scrubbing the tables & chairs

And finally ready to start arranging the room

We do a home visit with each new student before the year begins, and then have the children and their parents come to the school for orientation a few days before school starts. Both of these events help make the transition to school smoother and less stressful for young children (and their parents!)

Each child gets to ring the bell, then we practice how we "freeze, look, and listen" whenever we hear the bell

We practice thoroughly washing our hands with soap - scrubbing fronts, backs, sides, and between fingers before we rinse