Monday, May 29, 2017

Outdoor Montessori Classroom

We had so much fun on our first day creating an outdoor classroom in the cool, shaded space next to our building!  A mix of familiar materials & furniture from the classroom and new activities just for outdoors kept everyone happily busy for the whole morning.


One of the highlights for many children was practicing some basic wood working skills - hammering and drilling.
Each child first receives a demonstration of hammering (or drilling) technique


We repotted lettuce and bell pepper seedlings
Filling the pot with soil

Gently tucking in the seedling

Relocating the replanted seedlings and then watering them

observing and admiring

Food Preparation

This hardworking team made fruit salad as part of the morning snack for everyone (after first scrubbing the table to make sure it was clean for food prep!)

Children worked with a partner to wash hands before snack

Washing dishes after slicing a banana

Other Activities

balance beam and jumping spots

reading area
We also had a water table, cloth washing and a clothesline, and a variety of art activities. 

Looking forward to more beautiful spring days ahead so we can do it again!