A heartfelt thank you to the “village” that has contributed to bringing this Montessori classroom into existence in Camden. I am grateful for the support and wisdom of my Montessori instructors and colleagues, for the gift of time so many have shared, and for the amazing furniture and materials that have been generously given by numerous businesses, schools, and individuals.

I am certain this list is incomplete, and will continue to add to it. PLEASE alert me if you notice someone missing from the list –


Lane Montessori

Individuals & groups
Colleen Mele, Allie, Sophia and Bella
Rick & Susanne Evans
Janet Colaianni
Kathleen Dzura
Maria Kaminstein
Michelle Carr
Anne Arfaa
Joan Raiti
Leah Schankweiler
Melani Alexander Fuchs
Mike Morgan
Beth Bitts
Seemi Abdullah
Rob Lairmore
Darnella Kenton
Holli Andrews
Kristin Schrum
Gail Peck
Ellen Pavlacka
Adam Bacher
Matt Scheuerer
Catherine and Patrick Cashio
Michael Zier
Shannon Petersen Hoelter
Conrad & Janie Heatwole
Keaton & Betty Shenk
Timothy Heatwole Shenk
Lydia, Matteo & Vivia
David Shenk, Eliana Tejedor, and Kaleth
Absalom and Kendra Heatwole Shank
Jewel Yoder
Melba Heatwole
Dave & Carmen Blough
Ken & Joann Zimmerman
Sherine Green
Tamie Veith
Cecilia Beck
The many summer volunteers from the Romero Center, the Center for Environmental Transformation, and Christ our Light parish

Also deep gratitude for the ongoing support and assistance of:
Sacred Heart Church, Pastor Michael Doyle, Don Harle, and Teresa Reader
Sacred Heart School, Principal Janet Williams
Catholic Partnership Schools, Director Sr. Karen Dietrich, Instructional Coach Jameka McGraw-Byrd

And all the people who have given financially to make this possible

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